OÜ Adelante Koolitus was founded in 1999. The main activities of the company include language training, translation services and publishing.

The company provides tailor-made in-company language training and individual tuition for a variety of adult students ranging from artists to corporate executives. Our clients include individuals as well as companies and civil services. A number of the clients have been using our services repeatedly since the company was established which reflects our reputation for uncompromising quality and competitive prices. In addition, we secure a number of new contracts every year with locally or internationally well-known companies.

We provide one-to-one tuition for individuals and in 2002 we launched e-courses which prove to be popular among accountants, secretaries, officials and others who need to develop their writing skills.

In 2002 the company published its first and still unique English audio book, ‘Kuula & Korda: Läheb lahti!’. So far the company has published eight audio books in the ‘Kuula & Korda’ series, which help you to acquire the basic knowledge of English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian and Finnish. In the near future the company will be launching audio books based on Russian. ‘Kuula & Korda’ audio books have provided us with a solid foothold in the audio books market in Estonia.

At the beginning of 2015, OÜ Adelante Koolitus celebrated its 15th anniversary.